Our Story


Our mission is to “change the face of the investment management industry” by creating inclusive environments that expand the opportunities for investors and managers alike. We identify and allocate client assets to high performing firms that are often overlooked by investors who trade the potential for alpha generation for the familiarity of “sameness” in size, age, and brand.

Our Firm

The first asset management firm of its kind, Progress Investment Management Company, LLC (“Progress”) was founded in 1990 to provide institutional investors with access to entrepreneurial investment talent.

Today, Progress is a leading investment manager, offering customized multi-manager investment strategies in all public market asset classes, including hedge funds. Our products provide solutions for a range of investors’ needs, from specific asset class exposures to portfolios that recognize and incorporate diversity as a core differentiator and value.

Progress prides itself on:

  • Comprehensive solutions aiming to deliver risk-adjusted alpha that exceeds client expectations.
  • Being independent, giving us intellectual freedom to pursue our best ideas.
  • 100% employee-ownership status, aligning our interests with those of our clients.
  • Diverse workforce, allowing us to leverage unique insights and perspectives.
  • Business model supporting the transition to direct-hire manager relationships for our clients.

Our Clients

Progress provides comprehensive investment solutions to some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated public pension plans, corporations, foundations, endowments, Taft Hartley organizations and religious institutions.

Our clients seek to invest in emerging managers for the same reasons they invest in micro- and small-cap companies or early-stage venture capital: they want to participate in the performance potential that can be realized by investing with small, entrepreneurial, employee-owned investment firms.

By partnering with Progress, clients leverage our 29 years of experience identifying the alpha generation potential of emerging firms.

In an environment where active managers find it increasingly difficult to outperform, Progress, utilizing niche firms, capitalizes on specific market inefficiencies. While the performance imperative rules our work, Progress’ clients also pursue other objectives, including access to a broader range of competitive choices, improved portfolio diversification, and the ability to fulfill diversity initiatives.

Our Managers

Why do many talented portfolio managers start their own companies? The opportunity to control their destinies, maintain ownership, innovate, and grow in ways that can rarely be achieved as part of a larger organization are just a few reasons.

Progress brings together institutional investors and the best and brightest new talent in asset management. As long as there is innovation, new companies will continue to emerge from the old, and Progress will continue to identify the top new firms both as components of our manager-of-managers offerings and as candidates for transition to direct client relationships. 

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