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Vision, Mission and Values

At Progress, we are united by a vision, driven by a mission and grounded in five core values that we are committed to living in accordance with every day.

We define success as exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders. By stakeholders we mean the client organizations that invest with Progress and the individuals they represent, the investment managers who are our partners in meeting client goals, employees, and strategic and community partners.


To be the company most known for changing the face of the investment
management industry.
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We invest with emerging managers to deliver alpha and achieve other client objectives


Integrity. Act with the highest standards of fiduciary behavior by honoring our commitments to stakeholders.
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Excellence. Continuously pursue a level of practice that aims to exceed both our company and client expectations.
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Leadership. Embody a leadership culture that motivates teamwork, builds trust and encourages innovation to achieve our mission and vision.
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Teamwork. Through teamwork build a company greater than the sum of its parts.
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Diversity. Attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce and investment managers to achieve business objectives.
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