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Points of Distinction

Three competitive advantages have enabled Progress to build a distinguished performance track record:

Exclusive Focus on One Investment Discipline
Finding new talent and managing diversified, risk-controlled portfolios of emerging managers is all we do. This has been our exclusive business focus since we opened our doors. Our firm’s revenues are 100% derived from this one activity.

Breadth and Depth of Experience and Resources
Progress has developed more emerging manager programs, including separate account strategies tailored to client objectives, in more asset classes and sub-asset classes than any other firm. We have funded over 170 emerging managers and worked as a strategic partner with some of the world’s largest public and corporate plans. The Progress database tracks over 4,000 emerging manager strategies across various asset classes. Our professionals, with extensive expertise investing in emerging managers, have access to an ample suite of tools and systems for return and risk attribution.

Extraordinary Commitment to Emerging Managers and Clients
Progress works with our managers to support and improve their back office and trading systems, investment process, business development efforts, personnel hiring and development and strategic planning. We conduct periodic seminars such as a CEO Roundtable and Progress Plan Sponsor and Emerging Manager Conference, which brings industry experts, funded managers and clients together to share best practices in the investment management industry. Further, we evaluate and recommend emerging firms for graduation to direct hire, and we share our current Focus List of managers with clients who are interested in direct hiring. There are no additional fees associated with any of these services. We consider the support that we provide to be part of Progress’ role in helping our managers and our clients to succeed.

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