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In our 25 years in business, Progress has encountered an array of challenges in our on-going effort to identify best-in-class managers for our clients. As a result, the firm has amassed a variety of experiences related to sourcing, due diligence, monitoring, termination and graduation. In each instance, actions are taken, lessons are learned and ultimately those lessons are applied for benefit of existing and future clients. The following case studies highlight Progress’ capabilities and expertise in meeting various challenges and finding appropriate solutions.

Note: these case studies represent actual early stage emerging manager situations. They are not for attribution.

1: Anatomy of a Successful Hire

Manager “A”, a woman-and minority-owned investment firm, represents an example of a successful business turnaround and sourcing of ideas.  The Progress team saw this manager as a highly capable manager whose business was expected to not only recover from an asset shortfall, but also continue to outperform, despite what may have looked like organizational dislocation at first glance.
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2: Promising Firms Can and Do Go Awry

“Manager B” managed a large cap strategy in a number of accounts for Progress. One of the primary factors driving the hire decision was a strong historical return profile; the other compelling factor was the apparent strength of the firm’s experienced senior professionals.  This firm demonstrates a case where the external and internal conditions which created the firm's historical outperformance changed significantly, highlighting weaknesses in the organization.
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3: Graduations Really Do Happen

“Manager C” is a minority-owned firm. They manage a variety of equity and fixed income strategies. The manager was initially hired by Progress to manage a small cap strategy for a large public fund. At the time of hire, the manager had $3 billion in assets under management. They were subsequently hired by Progress to manage a large cap strategy for the Progress 21st Century Fund.
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