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Separately Managed Accounts

Progress has managed separate accounts since the early 1990s and continues to build separate account portfolios for some of the largest and most widely recognized pension funds in the country.

Separate accounts are attractive to investors for a variety of reasons, most notably the ability to customize a portfolio across an array of investment styles, strategies and manager characteristics. Separate accounts can be structured as benchmark-centric or benchmark-agnostic portfolios. Currently, Progress offers separate accounts utilizing any one or a combination of the following strategies:


  • Domestic Equities (Value, Growth and Core; All Cap, Large, Mid, SMid, Small Cap and Micro)
  • International Equities (Developed, Emerging Markets, Regional, Country Specific)
  • Global Equities
  • Hedge Funds (Long-Short Equity, Global Macro, and Event Driven

Fixed Income

  • U.S. Core and Core Plus
  • High Yield
  • Convertibles
  • Emerging Market Debt
  • TIPs (Global, U.S.)
  • Non-US Fixed Income (U.S. Pay, Foreign Pay)
  • LDI Strategies, e.g., Active Long Duration

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